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Delivery of goods for online stores is the secret to the success of online trading. Fine-tuned to automatism, it allows deliver quickly, simply, cheaply. Completion, pre-sale preparation, shipment for sale, return...



All questions of logistics in this case professionals are doing. Service customer only delivers goods to the warehouse, and then receives funds for part of the successfully implemented


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Any option pays more weight, volumetric or actual. Volumetric weight is considered according to the formula L * W * H * / 5000. In this case, the sum of 3 sides (L + W + H) should not exceed 200 cm. Orders over 25kg by agreement.

I used the services twice, the first time (back in the spring) I sent a package of documents when making the purchase of our apartment. Then I didn’t write a review, it wasn’t like that at all, but now I remembered this courier service as soon as I heard the familiar (very memorable) name.